Commercial Air Conditioning Instillation, Repairs and Maintenance


Pulse Air Services works with you to design and deliver a custom planned maintenance solution for your business, no matter what that may be. We work with factories, offices, restaurants and bars, retailers and more.


We have extensive, specialist experience in the design, installation and servicing of large-scale commercial air conditioning systems, and computer-controlled building maintenance systems.

Pulse Air Services will visit the site to check the specifics and will work with you to find an air conditioning solution that meets your business needs.


Our commercial team are experts in air conditioning for the workplace. We offer specialist advice & planning to ensure your business is always the perfect climate for your team. Pulse Air Services understands how important it is to not affect the day to day running of your business & we’ll always work with you to avoid any down time.


We are trained and qualified to provide the Sydney region with a full range of air conditioning services, including installations, repairs and comprehensive consultations, you will not only receive a first-class service but also expert technical advice and solution recommendations.


Key Services Include:
  • Customised preventative maintenance
  • Energy management
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Tenancy fit-outs
  • Plant upgrades
  • Comprehensive mechanical services
  • Computer room environment control
  • Building automation (DDC)
  • Ventalation & exhaust systems
  • Design & construct